Diamond Lush (print)


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You either hate her or love her… or maybe a little bit of both – like me.

If you’re not familiar with my crow series, I often draw inspiration from personalities of characteristics from some of the clients I worked with as a jeweler. 

One particular client would come strutting into the jewelry store with her husband late on Friday evenings before their dinner date.  Her silver hair always in a fancy updo accompanied by her Disney t-shirt and diamonds.

While floating around the store on her superior cloud, she would send her husband into the back studio to clean and steam all of her diamonds.  If he brought them back to her with any water spots, she would send him back to re-steam them until she was satisfied – oh how she loved those diamonds to sparkle!   

It became a bit comical that the evenings they would pop in, the other jeweler and I always seemed to have a glass of wine sitting on our benches – I mean hey, it made closing the store late on Friday’s a little more enjoyable!  Anyways, she would always comment and call me a lush.  Haha, maybe I am – maybe I’m not, but in turn I secretly dubbed her Diamond Lush… so I call it even 🙂

Over the years I grew a soft spot in my heart for her – she, like many of us, just wanted to feel special and admired. I chose to paint her with a warm illuminating light dripping with all her glorious shimmering diamonds – Isn’t she a spectacular sight!


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